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$0 down & no payments for 90 days on carpet cleaning equipment

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Calling all new and expanding businesses. If you have good credit or fair credit with 2 years in business, we will get these machines or any other you like from our website ( to get you started. Our financing is based on your credit rating and the interest rates start in the single digits (the better the credit, the lower the rate). After the term, you own the equipment. Furthermore, we have nationwide locations with support from experts who can help you expand and start your business. Our owner ( is a nationally known speaker and instructor who is known for minting millionaires in the field. We carry everything for the above businesses. All the name brands at the lowest prices guaranteed - Machines, Chemicals and Accessories. Here are some examples of our best sellers and how little they cost for you to start using. We even have 3 months no payments for people with good to exceptional credit. How to contact us? There are so many ways for you to get in touch. We are available 24 hours a day, not before the sale, but even after the sale for support. By phone: 877-926-3748 Chat now!:$_tawk_popout=true By text: cell # 347-770-287nine Our website: Our catalog: Skip looking at machines & just apply to see if you qualify? No ding on credit for applying, certified secure server, no need to have a current business (just put your last name where the company name goes), no charge to apply & no one will call to bug you: Picture 1 & 2: Jaguar Package Let me introduce you to the owners of the next generation of millionaires we are on our way of making. This machine works like $20,000 motor powered truckmounts (need one of those, we have those as well - we have the largest collection of machines any company in the world has), but only costs less than $7000 complete. It is already helping our new and expanding startups by helping them keep more of their money by saving on gas, equipment repair and convenience of having a machine that works as a truckmount most of the time and becomes a portable when the job requires, like when you do high rises, etc. For the new people who aren't very familiar with cleaning floors, you should know that cleaning with heat is the most important thing when doing carpet cleaning. It's like washing a dirty dish - you can scrub with soap & brush all you want, but as soon as you add hot water, it belts the dirt away. For tile and grout, the most important thing is pressure. It's like washing your driveway, the higher the pressure, the better the cleaning. This machine has high pressure as well - up to 800 psi. And, when using high pressure to clean the clean tank needs to be filled every few minutes and the waste tank needs to be dumped every few minutes as well - this is because the machine goes through such high volume of water that the tanks empty and fill up too fast. For this, this machine has an auto fill and auto dump, so when cleaning, you don't ever have to stop. It fills it up and empties it automatically. This machine does that as well. Learn even more about this incredible opportunity at this link: Picture 11: ELECTRIC TRUCKMOUNT: NAUTILUS PACKAGE #1- NAUTILUS EXTREME RESTORATION PORTABLE EXTRACTOR The new Nautilus Extreme restoration portable takes customization to a new level. It's not only a powerful carpet and hard surface cleaner; it's now a powerful flood extractor as well! Forget carrying a flood pumper AND a portable in your van. The Nautilus Extreme saves you money and space by doing both with a single machine. The Nautilus restoration portable includes a high capacity 18.3 GPM auto pump out and two powerful Ametek-Lamb 2 stage vacuum motors to help you quickly extract water. And, unlike the typical flood pumper, it also includes a 500 PSI pump that allows you to clean carpet or hard surfaces with our Gekko tools. Series for maximum lift, or parallel for maximum air flow, with the AirFlow+ vacuum system, it's your call! The AirFlow+ vacuum system allows you to quickly change your vacuum motors from a series configuration to a parallel configuration in under a minute with no mechanical skill needed. Whether you re extracting flood water and need maximum lift, or cleaning tile and need maximum air flow, the Nautilus has you covered. Specifications: Two 8.4" 2-stage vacuum motors High capacity Little Giant Auto Pump Out pumps up to 18.3 GPM (3/4" x 50' pump out hose included) 500 PSI solution pump 12" rear wheels and 5" casters Roto-molded polyethylene body 12 gal. solution and waste tank Dimensions: 42" H x 34" L x 23" W 162 lbs. Standard Items: Two 25' extension cords AH224 2" Flash Cuff starter AH201 2"-1.5" Flash Cuff reducer Hose Package Includes: AW29 stainless steel 2-jet wand 25' of vacuum hose 25' of high pressure solution hose w/QCs Hydro-Force shoulder carry bag Vinyl reducer cuff #2- CLASSIC DOUBLE BEND 12" 2 JET WAND Double bend, 12", SS, 1 1/2" tube, 2 jet, padded assist handle, 2-11003 jets, splash guard, 62", and 6.6lbs. This is similar to the wands that come with many machines. #3 CLEAR VIEW INTERNAL-SPRAY DETAILER - Clear view detailer with internal spray. - 3 1/2" wide see-thru plastic head allows clear view or recovery. - Stainless steel tube handle is pressed on, not glued. - 500 psi valve on tool - 1' whip on high pressure model #4- CLASSIC DOUBLE BEND 12" 2 JET WAND Diesel-fired burner heats water up to 212°F for carpet cleaning with the trigger open. This can be mounted in a Van or made portable to get closer to jobs not reachable by truckmount. Connects to the battery on your truck-mount or Van. Compact size (29in.L x 22in.W x 22in.H) allows for easy storage when the job is done. Features + Benefits: Redundant safety features include flow switch, pressure relief valve, and burst disc 100--4350 PSI; 1--5 GPM Requires 12V DC 14A charging circuit 4-gallon diesel fuel tank Stainless steel insulated coil enclosure Adjustable temp #5 GENERATOR ELECTRIC TRUCKMOUNT Generator Electric Truckmount 6000-Watt (7500 starting Watts) Gas manufacture Portable Generator produces clean and instant power to keep appliances and other important electronics running during a power outage or natural disaster. This unit features a 1650 Series OHV 342cc Engine that produces 16.5-foot-pounds of torque and a 7gal. fuel tank for an impressive 13-hours of continuous operation at 50-percent load on a full tank. Features a fuel gauge and hour meter for monitoring gas levels, super Lo-Tone Muffler and recoil start type. The Generator Electric Truckmount comes with engine oil, quick start guide and operator's manual. The Generator Electric Truckmount 6000-Watt Gas Powered Portable Generator comes with a 2-year limited warranty to protect against defects in materials and workmanship. Known for hard-working, dependable, efficient products, The Briggs & Stratton Company is the world's largest producer of gasoline engines. - Power Surge Alternator to run multiple large appliances at the same time - 10-inch never go flat wheels to easily move in and out of storage or to new sites - Includes (4) 120-Volt outlets, (1) 120/240-Volt 30-amp outlet with circuit breaker protection and rubber outlet safety covers for added protection - Technical information: 6000 running Watts, 7500 starting Watts, 25.0-surge amps - Rated in accordance with CSA and rated in accordance with PGMA standards #6- 2" VACUUM HOSE WITH CUFFS, 50 FOOT Vacuum hose: Flexible yet strong. Choose the color Excluded from free shipping offer #7- SOLUTION LINE HOSE, HIGH PRESSURE, 1/4", GOODYEAR Handles up to 3000 psi, 250 degrees, original label Goodyear, steel braided. Blue or grey in color, and has a plastic heat sleeve. This is the best solution line you can buy! Make sure to buy couplers for your hoses! sizes include sol25ft, sol50ft, sol100ft, sol150ft, sol200ft #8- 1/4" MALE QUICK CONNECTOR, MATE TO 1/4"QDFEMALE 1/4" zmost commonly used connectors for truck-mounts. These QDs have stainless steel tips that withstand hotter water! See the 1/4" Female that goes with this. #9 1/4" FEMALE QUICK CONNECTOR, BRASS, MATE TO 1/4"QDMALE 1/4" most commonly used connectors for truckmounts, brass See the 1/4" Male that goes with this. #10- 1/4" BALL SHUTOFF VALVE Heavy Duty. New design eliminates the need for an additional adapter nipple. #11- CARPET CLEANING VIDEOS (DVD) 1)- TILE & GROUT CLEANING CLASS: UNEDITED IN ITS ENTIRETY 2)- COMMERCIAL CARPET CLEANING MARKETING DVD. 3)- ADVANCED SPOT AND STAIN CLASS DVD. 4)- REDUCE COST AND MAXIMIZE PROFIT DVD. 5)- New Marketing Principles & How They Apply To Carpet Cleaning DVD 6)- EMPLOYEE TRAINING VIDEO DVD. 7)- MARKETING: THE NEXT LEVEL DVD 8)- WOOD FLOOR CLEANING & SEALING CLASS DVD #12- THE ACCESSORIES PACKAGE the accessories package that comes with the Nautilus Hose Package Includes: AW29 stainless steel 2-jet wand 25' of vacuum hose 25' of high pressure solution hose w/QCs Hydro-Force shoulder carry bag Vinyl reducer cuff #13- ADVANCED UPHOLSTERY & FABRIC CLEANING TECHNICAL Advanced Upholstery & Fabric Cleaning Technical Manual. 2014 update. 106 pages. Includes test in back to verify if the student learned the information. Learn about different fibers, fiber manufacturing, types of soils, inspection, liability, methods of cleaning and chemistry of cleaning spot removal. Written by Industry acclaimed authors Jeff Cross and Taf Baig, both Master Textile Cleaners and IICRC Instructors. Also available for Kindle on Amazon. #14- ADVANCED CARPET CLEANING TECHNICAL MANUAL Advanced Carpet Cleaning Technical Manual. Updated for 2016 by the industry legends Taf Baig and Jeff Cross. Taf is a Master Textile Cleaner and an IICRC Instructor. Jeff is a Master Textile Cleaner, an IICRC Instructor and the Editor of Cleanfax Magazine. In this book you will find everything that is covered in the IICRC Carpet Cleaning Technician Material and Test. Color illustrations make it easy to understand. 45 pagesazo. Picture 3 & 4: Endeavor 9000I-HSH/ Endeavor 9000I-HSH With Carpet Wand And Tile Want to see the year's best selling portable? The one that does tile and grout as well as carpet & upholstery cleaning? Here is the EDIC Endeavor that does everything. Heat for carpet cleaning and pressure for tile and grout. Get more information here: Picture 5: 2002CS Contractor's Special It's a package deal. Designed for the busy professional, the 2002CS is powerful, heated, efficient, user-friendly, and durable. Features: Powerful 120 PSI diaphragm pump Single 3-stage LA (low amp) vacuum motor 100 CFM and 130" H20 1,200-watt in-line heater with maximum 210° temperature to efficiently produce hot water to quickly break up grease and dirt User-friendly high-waist switches, easy-open lid, bucket-high drain, and non-marking wheels Durable roto-molded polyethylene housing that resists rusting and denting Includes: Mytee's® 8500-Hose Set: 15' crush-proof vacuum hose and high-pressure solution hose 8300-EZ-C 12 inch dual-jet stainless steel collapsible wand with disconnect Clear View stainless hybrid internal spray upholstery tool So get the package that gives you everything you need to take on the toughest carpet and upholstery cleaning jobs. Learn more: Picture 6 & 7: Mytee ECO-17 & Brush Pro Want to dry clean carpets with encapsulation with oscillating machine or counter rotating brush? We have those as well. Mytee ECO-17: Brush Pro: Picture 8: Restoration Machines We have all the water damage restoration machines that are made. From the latest hard to get machines to all the best selling ones. Why tie up your money. Borrow at low interest and make 800% returns on your rentals. See them here: Picture 9: Magic Wand Company Chemicals Products When it comes to chemicals, Magic Wand Company makes the safest chemicals. Only company in the industry to pride itself on chemicals that are food based and still blow all others out of the water. Try them for free and get 15% off your order: Picture 10: Our Contact By phone: 877-926-3748 Chat now!:$_tawk_popout=true By text: cell # 347-770-287nine Our website: Our catalog: Skip looking at machines & just apply to see if you qualify? No ding on credit for applying, certified secure server, no need to have a current business (just put your last name where the company name goes), no charge to apply & no one will call to bug you: Keywords: Carpet Cleaning Machine, Carpet Cleaning Extractor, Carpet Cleaning Portable, Carpet Cleaning Truckmount, Carpet Cleaning Supplies, Carpet Cleaning Chemicals, Carpet Cleaning Equipment, Used Carpet Cleaning Machine, Carpet Cleaning Training, Finance Carpet Cleaning Machine, Lease Carpet Cleaning Machine, Lease to Own Carpet Cleaning Machine, Lease Carpet Cleaning Extractor, Lease Carpet Cleaning Machine, Rotovac, RX-20, Wood Floor Cleaning Finishing