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OPEN DOORS YOU NEVER THOUGHT YOU COULD. 6+ Businesses That Total Over $100 Billion A Year! For A Few Thousand Dollars You Can Get Your Stake In This Amazing Opportunity. These Are Legit Businesses That Make Money And Not Just Some Fancy "Cool Sounding" Business. Our Owner, Taf Baig, Became A Millionare At An Early Age Doing These Businesses And Now We Have Him To Train And Mentor You To Do The Same. #1- MYTEE 7000LXD DUAL BLOWER TRUCK MOUNTED EXTRACTOR - VACUUM This is the center of this killer money making business. Insane Vacuum lets you work from your truck without removing it - 250 CFM! That is 200 ft of vacuum without losing any vacuum. Better vacuum than any motor driven truckmount! Research it yourself and you will see. This has hard to believe 66 gallons per minute stainless steel pumpout that will never rust. Never stop working, let the pumpout do the work. #2- ELECTRIC PRESSURE SPRAYER WITH HEAT - HOT WATER SOURCE STANDARD FEATURES: This is an amazing pressure source that will give you 1500 psi at 212 degrees - that is boiling! The heat will remove any dirt, even caked on. The pressure will make all hard surfaces sparkle fast! Includes: • 50 foot high pressure solution hose • Maximum-Flo 20% chemical injector assembly w/quick connects • 4 color-coded QC spray nozzles • 1 color-coded QC chemical nozzl #3- CARPET CLEANING WAND Quality double bend (so it can get under furniture), 12" wide, Stainless Steel, 1 1/2" tube, 2 jet, padded assist handle, 2-11003 jets, splash guard, 62", and 6.6lbs. This is similar to the wands that come with high end machines. #4- TILE & GROUT CLEANING WAND - Turbo Hybrid. Cleans 500 to 1000 sq feet per hour - Lightweight, extremely durable stainless steel handle and injected Mold Nylon deck. - Extra long life hard boot rind AND nylon BRUSH ring, come standard. - Operating pressure range 500 to 2500 psi. - Comfort grip non-slip handle. - Patented automatic vacuum compensator leaves the floor drier. - Easy access inline filter. - One year manufacturer's warranty. - The brush attachment is also sold separately if you want to replace yours! #5- PRESSURE WASHING WAND AND ACCESSORIES Pressure Washer: - 3200 psi. - Male QD included. - Stainless Steel Nozzle Tip, size 4.0 with 15 Degree Spray Angle. - Fit for 1/4" Quick Connect Coupling. #6- WATER CLAW FOR FOOD EXTRACTION Save time and increase work efficiency. We've upgraded the SOS PRO so that you can now attach your solution line to your SOS PRO to thoroughly flush an area while you extract- perfect for pet urine and contamination removal jobs. Instead of the usual two-step process of applying cleaning solution and then extracting, you can do it all at the same time for more efficient results. The SOS PRO with Flush Kit has two flushing ports on the underside of the extraction head, which allows solution to deeply saturate carpet fibers for better soil break down. The SOS PRO is the professional's tool of choice for water damage, flood restoration, and odor control. Use the SOS PRO to perform sub surface extraction and remove excess water from carpet and padding without having to remove it. Or, use the SOS PRO to evacuate black water floods and to remove water weight and more easily carry out for disposal. SOS PRO with Flush Kit Features: 9.5″ x 16.5″ full extraction range Clear top to view extraction process Adjustable-height handle that detaches for easy storage Stainless steel vacuum flange works with 1.5" and 2" hose cuffs Vacuum release for truckmount use Lightweight and durable build Textured, non-slip foot rest Dual flushing ports on the underside of extraction head Waist-high quick disconnect eliminates having to bend down to connect your solution line Waist-high On/Off flow valve Hands free capability Wide base is stable and allows you to walk away while the tool is flushing and extracting #7- AIR LITE UPHOLSTERY TOOL - CLEAN FURNITURE AND AUTOS - 4″ Positive Ventilation glide allows for maximum recovery and faster drying times. - New Comfort Grip spray lever reduces operator strain. - Clear top head that allows you to see dirt and grime as it's being extracted. - Lightweight and durable, crack resistant build. #8- TWO 2" VACUUM HOSE WITH CUFFS, 50 FT EACH 2 X 50 FT =100 FT Vacuum hose: Flexible yet strong. Choose the color Excluded from free shipping offer #9- TWO SOLUTION LINE HOSE, HIGH PRESSURE, 1/4" 50 FT EACH, 2 X 50 FT =100 FT Handles up to 3000 psi, 250 degrees, steel braided. Blue in color, and has a plastic heat sleeve. This is the best solution line you can buy! Make sure to buy couplers for your hoses! #10- THE PRESSURE CLEANING BIBLE: Marketing Whether you're just starting a pressure washing business or ready for unprecendented growth, The Pressure Cleaning Bible: Marketing provides proven methods for building a successful business. Inside you'll find: * A New Alternative from Guesswork * Guaranteed Results for Marketing Your Pressure Cleaning Business * Proven Strategies that Will Make You Money * Valuable Advice for Safe, Effective Advertising * New Tactics with Enormous Benefits * Right Steps to a Secure Future * Fun Techniques to Keep Your Phone Ringing Author Steve Stephens, owner of HydroTech Pressure Cleaning Technologies and founder of the HydroTech Pressure Cleaning Training Facilty, has been a leader in the pressure cleaning business for over 30 years. He is joined by co-author Allison Hester, award-winning writer and Managing Editor of eClean Magazine. Together they share the proven, industry-specific marketing strategies for growing your pressure cleaning business. #11- TWO 1/4" MALE QUICK CONNECTOR, MATE TO 1/4"QDFEMALE 1/4" - most commonly used connectors for truck-mounts. These QDs have stainless steel tips that withstand hotter water! See the 1/4" Female that goes with this. #12 TWO 1/4" FEMALE QUICK CONNECTOR, BRASS, MATE TO 1/4"QDMALE 1/4" - most commonly used connectors for truckmounts, brass See the 1/4" Male that goes with this. #13- 1/4" BALL SHUTOFF VALVE Heavy Duty. New design eliminates the need for an additional adapter nipple. #14- ADVANCED UPHOLSTERY & FABRIC CLEANING TECHNICAL (Digitally Delivered) Advanced Upholstery & Fabric Cleaning Technical Manual. 2014 update. 106 pages. Includes test in back to verify if the student learned the information. Learn about different fibers, fiber manufacturing, types of soils, inspection, liability, methods of cleaning and chemistry of cleaning spot removal. Written by Industry acclaimed authors Jeff Cross and Taf Baig, both Master Textile Cleaners and IICRC Instructors. Also available for Kindle on Amazon. #15- ADVANCED CARPET CLEANING TECHNICAL MANUAL (Digitally Delivered) Advanced Carpet Cleaning Technical Manual. Updated for 2016 by the industry legends Taf Baig and Jeff Cross. Taf is a Master Textile Cleaner and an IICRC Instructor. Jeff is a Master Textile Cleaner, an IICRC Instructor and the Editor of Cleanfax Magazine. In this book you will find everything that is covered in the IICRC Carpet Cleaning Technician Material and Test. Color illustrations make it easy to understand. 45 pages. #16 - CARPET CLEANING VIDEOS (DVD) 1)- TILE & GROUT CLEANING CLASS: UNEDITED IN ITS ENTIRETY 2)- COMMERCIAL CARPET CLEANING MARKETING DVD. 3)- ADVANCED SPOT AND STAIN CLASS DVD. 4)- REDUCE COST AND MAXIMIZE PROFIT DVD. 5)- New Marketing Principles & How They Apply To Carpet Cleaning DVD 6)- EMPLOYEE TRAINING VIDEO DVD. 7)- MARKETING: THE NEXT LEVEL DVD 8)- WOOD FLOOR CLEANING & SEALING CLASS DVD Link: By phone: 877-926-3748 Chat now!:$_tawk_popout=true By text: cell # 347-770-287nine Our website: Our catalog: Skip looking at machines & just apply to see if you qualify? 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