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Wood Floor Cleaning And Finishing Business

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Add or expand your business into wood floor cleaning. Included Video Training - 1- WOOD FLOOR CLASS Learn how to revive wood and laminate floors! The past few decades have had an increase in wood and laminate flooring both in residential and commercial locations which has increased the demand for affordable re-vitalization of these floors. Refinishing (sanding, etc) is very laborious, messy and expensive. Learn how to revive these floors with ease and make 50% more profit than carpet and furniture cleaning. Class will have some theory and mostly hands on learning. Very little equipment and supplies are needed for this add-on business. You will be able to do these lucrative wood and laminate floor revival jobs immediately following class! (9am to 4pm) 1 CEC IICRC Credit. 2- WOOD WASHING MACHINE * The Lindhaus Company's many years of experience in the manufacturing of professional carpet cleaners has lead to the creation of this revolutionary floor scrubber. Lindhaus manufactures the Lindwash 38 Class A machine with all the qualities and performance of large industrial scrubbers eliminating the bulky design, heavy weight and difficult maneuverability. This unique machine combines lightweight, agility, and practicality by utilizing simple water loading and unloading operations with the amazing power to remove the most stubborn dirt and grime. The custom designed motors are created exclusively for this machine by sister company Rotafil, an Italian company world renowned for producing the highest quality motors: - High efficiency by-pass vacuum motor provides extraordinary performance of suction and air-flow - Universal brush motor controls the brush speed with perfect precision and provides overload protection with a reliable electronic system. - The dosing pump dispenses the exact amount of water to be uniformly distributed on the brush without wasted cleaning solution The soft scrubbing brush is designed to clean and protect most hard surfaces, a more aggressive brush is available for heavy duty cleaning requirements. NTEGRATED TANKS The clean and soiled water tanks are integrated in one unique container. With a simple movement you release the tank, empty the soiled water and refill it with ordinary tap water and fresh water-soluble cleaning solution. Each tank holds 2.6 quarts of clean water / solution. The tank�s cap is also a dispensing device for your cleaning solution. The LindWash 38 requires 10 times less water and cleaning solution than any manual or mechanical washing system o the market today. THE WORLDS LOWEST PROFILE The base height of the unit is only 5.5 inches tall and it allows easy access under low furniture and beds. UPHOLSTERY CLEANING With a comfortable optional accessory it is possible to clean and extract solution from fabrics like car seats, sofas and chairs. Simply remove the suction hose and attach the cleaning kit. New nozzles are available for the perfect cleaning of carpets and synthetic rugs directly with the LindWash LW38, thanks to the energetic mechanical action of the brush in combination with the powerful suction. Input power (Watt) - 1100 Water Lift (inch/H2O) - 79" Air Volume (CFM) - 98 Brush motor (Watt) - 250 Constant brush roll speed (RPM) - 1800 Electronic Overload Control - Standard Brush Width (inch) - 13" Suction Width (inch) - 14" Working capabilities (sq.ft/h) - 3400 Dosing pump - Standard Spray/Extraction Kit - Optional Detergent Container (lt.) - 2.6 Recovering Water Container (lt.) - 2.6 Total Weight Empty w/o cord (lbs) - 23.3 Handle Weight (lbs) - 2.8 Cord Length (feet) - 35 3- PROFESSIONAL FLOOR FINISH * This can even be used on natural surfaces like wood and stone! It has a specialized polymer blend for almost all natural surfaces. It's easily maintained with either high speed burnishing equipment (1,000+ RPM) or conventional spray buffing equipment. Easy to apply and maintain. First coat can be used as a sealer. Leaves a beautiful wet look shine that holds gloss. Excellent re-coating ability. Extra concentrated with up to 2,500 sq/ft coverage per gallon. Unlike other coatings made for use on VCT, Professional Floor Finish seals natural surfaces but still allows the surface to breath. Micron size breather holes (invisible to human eye) let the surface maintain it's natural moisture level. How to use on wood. (This process is only for lightly scratched wood.) Pretest in an inconspicuous area before beginning. Clean wood floors with dust mop Wet clean wood floors with Trashed Green (not any more concentration than 1:64) Dry with microfiber towels - lint free Apply using applicator mop Spray away from baseboards to prevent over spray Allow 15 min drying between coats Apply up to 3 coats depending on the sign and protection desired Certain wood finish may react with other finishes like this and leave streaking. If this is the case, sand with 150 grit and test again. Never sand wood to the point where you will risk sanding the stain. 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