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Stunning Purebred Dwarf Lionhead and Holland lop Bunnies

  • City: Cabot
  • State: Arkansas
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Please read ad fully before contacting. ---I have some beautiful baby lion head and holland lop bunnies ready soon accepting deposits for, some babies ready now. many extra small, rare colors and nice features. Also some juniors.******* $75-200 for juniors, babies $100-320********depending on sex, color and overall quality. Can provide references of happy previous buyers also! ---------please talk to your spouse/roommates/landlord etc before contacting to know for sure if you are able and ready to get a rabbit------------------------------- Lionhead are a small curious and friendly breed that may need light grooming.They have short upright ears and fuzzy faces. 2-3.5 lbs full grown.- Solid black, black and white, white with black points, white with orange points, white with frost points, frosted seal, smokey sable grey, red eyed white, tort brown, orange, a few blue eyed babies also. bew blue eyed white, blue eyed frosted, blue eyed white and orange, harlequin lion orange and white tiger stripes. many beautiful and rare colors! lionheads Holland lop is the smallest lop breed and about half the size of mini lops. They are round shaped with floppy ears and are usually 3-4 lbs full grown. they are mellow, friendly and laidback typically- The rabbits get inside and outside time to graze dig and play and also lap time and play time inside with me. All have been handled since birth but have not become overstressed. used to other animals, kids. They will come with caresheets and transition food. I also offer food, care and cage packages also. I love updates on your bunny and always try and provide a support system for years to come for new owners. Rabbits make great companions and therapy animals. They are low demand and typically do not need shots. they are low to maintain also and care costs are reasonable. they can live up to around 8 years old, sometimes even longer. If you are looking for a very special companion please contact me! I am about an hour from seattle and 40 mins south of Tacoma. I can possibly meet also. 6 7 8 4 0 8 0.0 74 text is best or leave a message