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College Admissions Community Activator (Lake Travis, Northwest Austin)

  • City: Orange
  • State: New Jersey
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*Are you a parent who believes there is too much stress in the college admissions process? *Would you like to make an impact in your community by helping families find solutions so they can navigate this crazy process? *Can you organize other parents who care about the same things you care about? We are looking for part-time community activators in the Lake Travis or Northwest Austin areas who can connect us with families, schools, and local organizations who believe what we believe and might want to learn from us. About Us At College MatchPoint, we believe the college process can be organized, personal and sometimes even fun. We guide our students and parents through every step of the process. Our one goal throughout the process remains the same: for your student to thrive in their selected college. Yes, this means we want them to love it--academically and socially--and we want it to fit within your family's budget. About You You're the parent in Lake Travis or Northwest Austin who makes things happen at your child's school. Whether it's a fundraiser for the lacrosse team or finding the chaperones for the junior school trip, when something needs to get done, you don't just volunteer--you jump in and bring others with you. You're not afraid to speak up or to take charge. When you find a service that does a great job for you, you speak up and tell your friends, "You need someone? I've got somebody!" You're like a human version of Yelp ! About Being A Community Activator in Lake Travis or Northwest Austin with College MatchPoint Here are some of the activities a community activator will make happen: * Host a meeting at your home where our counselor takes college admissions questions from a dozen of your friends and their kids. * Speak to your school's PTA president to schedule College MatchPoint to speak at their next meeting. * Referred three of your friends to College MatchPoint, and coordinated with our counselor to schedule their introductory meetings. * Organized a special presentation for our counselor to present to your student's water polo team, National Charity League, or AssisTeens group. * Contacted your local library, church, synagogue, mosque, etc. to inquire about potential free workshops we could organize for their members. * Announced our upcoming free seminars to your fellow parents (by email, Facebook, Twitter, text--whatever works for you!). One note: This role is about community, not sales. Of course we are looking for families to enroll in order for our offices to succeed, and we want you to help us do that. But short-term sales pressure doesn't create long-term trust in the Lake Travis or Northwest Austin communities. Whether you connect us with families you know, organizations who want us to speak, or schools who will share our books and guidelines with their faculty, we need you to put us with people who would love and benefit from our approach. Pay Community activators earn: + A 10% commission for families they personally refer who enroll with us + $150 for every speaking engagement they help us secure + A 5% commission on enrollments that come from those speaking engagements Hours Community activators work remotely (no need to come to our office), set their own hours, and can dedicate as much or as little time as they'd like. How to apply First, get to know us a little by looking around our website. If you like what you read and think you may be able to find a professional home here, send us an email telling us where in Lake Travis or Northwest Austin areas you live, why you want to work at College MatchPoint, and anything else you think will help you stand out. Share specific examples of how you've organized, led, or otherwise made an impact in your school and community (that's much more compelling than, "I know everyone!"). We love personality here, so don't be afraid to be yourself--smart, thoughtful, or maybe even funny. Just don't be generic. We're looking for people to start as soon as possible. If you have questions about the job, please email us - we promise to respond to you quickly.