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Protect Yourself form Corona Virus use this Modern Mask.

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😷Need 3-ply facemasks? You found them! 🎉 Reach out to me directly, or head over to: WWW.STACKMASK.COM to order your box of 50 safe, FDA-approved 3-ply facemasks. I'll get them to your door within 2 days (if you live in within California). Here's why you'll be happy with my masks: *👩‍🔬 Government approved, quality, CE & FDA compliant facemasks
**— We use a certified, third party inspector (VTrust) to vet our suppliers and ensure they're all FDA registered, and that their masks pass the required BFE filtration rate of 95% or above (ours surpass this: 98%) *📦 2-Day Delivery, tri-state and beyond
**— We house our own inventory (our warehouse is in Moreno Valley). This means you get 2-Day Delivery (delivered, to your door, within 2 days) within California, and same-day shipping nationwide. To ensure your satisfaction, we house and ship masks landed within the US: we do NOT "dropship" from China, and your order will not run into any problems with customs. * 💲Walmart prices
**— Retail Price Match: We'll always beat the cost of product+2-day delivery on Walmart’s online store. See lower prices on their site for that shipping option? Let us know and we’ll immediately price-match. Protect yourself and those around you, the right way. I've got 200 boxes left. Message me now while supplies last, or head over to: ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,