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Devops/Build & release realtime Online training, job support, Corporate training by hands-on IT faculty DevOps course covers the real-time implementation of DevOps projects by exploring configuring & installation of DevOps Transition, DNS Installation, creating rpm package, Automatic system updates, software system standardisation ideas and its issues, etc. This course can provide you with a career in DevOps, the aggressive field that connects the area between operations and software system developers. You\'ll become a professional with real time use cases within the principles of devops continuous development and deployment, automation of configuration management. FOR FREE DEMO contact : Email : Phone/WhatsApp : +91-(850) 012-2107 USA Number : 214-628-3894 Gtalk : Blog: Devops Interview queries and Answers, Recorded Video Sessions, Materials, Mock Interviews Assignments are provided DEVOPS / BUILD RELEASE Course Content (we will modify the course Content as per your requirements) Key Topics (Important Topics of DEVOPS) • Agile Methodology and DevOps • Linux Basics: • Scripting - Bash (shell scripting) and Advanced Python Programming • SCM – Git • Build Management – Ant • Web/Application Server – apache and Tomcat • Database – MySQL, MongoDB (NoSQL) • Cloud Computing – AWS: ec2, VPC, S3, Cloudwatch, IAM, SES, RDS, Cloudfront, EC2 command line tools, Python Boto module etc • DevOps Tools - Jenkins, Docker, Vagrant, Nagios • Configuration Management using Chef / Puppet / Ansible / • Continues Integration – Jenkins • Binary Repository Manager – Nexus • Infrastructure Monitoring – Nagios • Static Code analysis – Sonar DevOps • Software Methodologies – An overview • Agile • Continues Integration and Continues Delivery • DevOps Linux OS: • Linux Boot Loader • Kernel • Daemons • Linux Shell • Applications Scripting • Shell scripting: Variables and Strings, Regular expressions, AWK, SED, Functions, Loop – for look and while loop Scripting (Continued) • Advanced Python programming: Strings manipulation, Python variables, Functions, Loops, Advanced networking programming, Database connections, Introduction to Classes and Objects, Emailing using Python, Multithreading, Regular expressions SCM: • SVN (Basics): Installation and environment setup, working with svn. SCM (Continued) • Git (Advanced): installation and environment setup, Basic concepts, Tag, Patch, Branching, Operations – Clone, review, commit, push, update, stash, move, rename, delete etc, Best practices Build Management • Ant: Installation and Configuration, Build file, Property, Data types, Creatin, WAR/JAR files, Deployment, • Maven (Basics): Installation and configuration Web/Application Server • Tomcat: Install and Configure, Admin console, Deployments, Tomcat as HTTP server, Apache proxy Pass AWS: Cloud Computing • EC2 • S3 • IAM • RDS • CloudFront • Cloudformation • Route 53 • SES • EC2 Command Line Tools • Python Boto Module and automation Databases • Mysql: Concepts of relational data model, Administration, SQL, Join Operations, Transactions, Indexing, SQL injection attacks, DB import and export. Databases (Continued) • MongoDB: Cocepts and Advantages of NoSQL data model, Queries, Data types, Indexing, Replication, Sharding DevOps Tools • Chef: Install and Configure Server and Workstations, knife, Roles and Environments, Writing Cookbooks in chef, Bootstrapping nodes, Key Authentication • Docker: Install and Configure, Docker container, Imgaes and VMs, Revisioning, Docker in your infrastructure. • Vagrant: Install and Configure, Vagrant images, Provisioning servers, Virtualbox integration, Vagrant modules for AWS and Rackspace • AWS for Cloud computing: AWS Services, EC2, VPC, S3, Elastic Volumes, Instance stores, RDS, Elastic Load Balancers, Cloudwatch, Cloudfront, Cloudformation. • Nagios for Infra-Monitoring/Plugins: Install and Configure, Nagions host definitions, Service Definitions, Host/Service templates, Hostgroups, ServiceGroups, Event Handlers, Email notifications, Timeperiods. CI - Continues Integration (Done) • Jenkins: Introduction to Continues Integration, Install and Configure, Jenkins integration with tomcat, Git, Ant, Deployer etc, Automated Deployment using Jenkins, Continues Deployment, Security, Reporting. Binary Repository Manager: • Nexus: Install and Configure, Sharing Libraries and Binaries. Static Code analysis • Sonar for Java & .Net: install and Conifgure Static Code analysis.